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‘extra fudgy healthy brownies’

as the name of these brownies say they’re super fugdy and oh so delicious! I made them vegan too by not using chocolate chips and using two flaxseed eggs instead of real eggs, cut down the sugar by a 1/4 cup oh also just to mention these bad boys are gluten-free! :)

oh wanna make them!!!!

Homemade vanilla almond milk ice cream (sugar free) with granola + “calorie free” chocolate syrup.

YUM!  The almond milk ice cream slowly melted…and it became like cereal ^_^

Lunch goodness :) Gluten-free bread, of course :P

Doesn’t look like much~ but I eat every few hours

Din-din.  “Meat & Potatoes”

…more specifically, kale, red potato, onion, and meatless meatballs (gluten-free variety) sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil and some water.  Seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash, pepper, and dried parsley.  Yum!


Peanut Butter and Banana Granola Bars by Migle Seikyte on Flickr.


What is your favorite gluten-free, vegan snack?

I’m looking for new stuff! It could be a recipe….or a product. 

WHY?  Why does this not exist in my state?

I’m speaking of course, about the restaurant “Chop’t,” which is a make-your-own-salad type chain.  They often use local food in their salads, and it is just so so delicious.  Additionally, they’re really good at clarifying what it gluten-free, vegan, etc….which is always a perk.

I got an “artisan mix” (lettuce w/ basil, chives, lots of herbs) with granny smith apples, cucumbers, peppers, and red onions.  Dressing was sesame (all their dressings are homemade, and when they’re sweetened, they use agave nectar). 

Too bad they only exist in DC & NY.  I went to the one at Union Station while waiting for the Amtrak. 

Want to know more about them?

Here you are then!


Gluten-Free Vegan Cornbread


(via veganhighheeler)

Grilled Vegetable Stack With Lemon Hummus

Vegan and gluten free!  Looks delicious, doesn’t it? Get the recipe here.

Went to a vegan restaurant in DC~ dinner was quinoa pasta mac and cheese with kale.  SO SO SO SO GOOD.  And raw/vegan cheesecake.  omgomgomg heaven.